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Linggo, Enero 27, 2013


We celebrated the Sinulog festival last January 20, 2012. The highlight of this festival is every 3rd Sunday of the month. Good thing our meeting in Manila is until January 19 only so I was able to attend this event.

I highly recommend this to everyone to experience at least once in your like the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. I bet you will be coming in every year after. ;-)

@Parkmall before going to Basilica del Sto. Nino.

tourist mode. . .though I'm from Cebu ^_^

Star on my forearm ; -)

Sr. Sto. Nino! The star of the festival!
Can't wait for next year. I'll make sure to block off my schedule for the whole week!

Outfit: Shirt: DIY shirt (my husband's old Sinulog shirt)

Biyernes, Enero 11, 2013

My Father @ 60

We give our father a birthday party on his 60th. This is to show him how thankful we are for his being our father and grandfather to his Apos (grandchildren).

Happy 60th birthday Tata!!!

Our Tata P with his grandchildren.

birthday banner we made for father dear ;-)

Miyerkules, Enero 9, 2013

Christmas with Finance Team

How our department celebrates Christmas.
Though almost all places we know was jampacked, we still able to find a place. 

dinner at STK ta Bai ;-)

exchanging of gifts at Yellow Cab ;-)

Outfit: Top: Mango; Necklace: Terranova; Earrings: Chic Meter; Jeans: Random

Lunes, Enero 7, 2013

Last Christmas. . .

During our company's Christmas party.

Venue: Royal Concourse
Date: December 8, 2012
Theme: Christmas with the FASThionistas

Outfit: Dress: Ma.Co; Shoes: Parisian; Belt: WAGW; Earrings/Ring/Bracelet: Chic Meter